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The Markets We Serve

Nexus Media Network Inc. aims to capture discerning audiences. These individuals are mainly found in hectic business places, waiting to have their appointments honored.

Hence, our aim is to serve markets, such as Government ServiceOntario, hospitals, and imaging and medical centers.

Government ServiceOntario

Government ServiceOntario provides an effective and reasonable avenue through which Ontarians can access services provided by the government. That said, long lines could make visitors restless as they eagerly wait to get their business tended to.

ServiceOntario offers vital aide, so citizens aren’t likely to defect from its normally long lines.

However, instead of having customers wait for hours without anything of consequence to do, why not use digital signage to provide quality and valuable information to keep them entertained? Our digital signage will grab and keep your customers’ attention until they’re next in line. In fact, with our technology, any day spent waiting at ServiceOntario is well-spent and informative.

Medical/Imaging Centers

Waiting for those scheduled appointments could take hours, which consequently induces some uneasiness or frustration. How are such frustrations lessened? Digital signage! Nexus Media focuses on bringing entertaining and educational content to these locations so audiences stay at ease while waiting.

There are many benefits derived when medical/imaging centers choose our system. Patients often have to brave lengthy wait times in order to have their appointments kept.

With our digital signage lavished across the room, we’ll provide both educational and entertaining content to keep your patients entertained while they wait. An informed patient is a happy one! Consequently, you’ll find fewer complaints from your patients, leading to fewer appointment cancellations. The digital screen can also broadcast vital information, playing the role of receptionist and reducing the overall workload, saving you money in the process. Overall, we create a more effective and efficient communication system so that everyone involved benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What cost is associated with the service provided by

Q. What advertisements are displayed?

A. The service provided by Nexus Media is completely free of charge. Nexus covers all the costs of installation, equipment, insurance, and maintenance. How is this possible? Nexus earns their revenue by displaying operational information, educational content, and other messages from choice sponsors. All revenues earned from these sponsors are used to cover the costs associated with the service Nexus provides.

A. Through a careful selection process, we determine which sponsors are featured on your system. Our code of ethics prevents us from using any material that might be detrimental to your business. We take pride in what we do, as we deeply care about our hosts and their patients.

Q. Do we get to decide where the screens are placed?
Q. How long does the system stay on?

A. Yes, you do have a say in where the screens are installed on the premises. Screens are usually placed in a convenient location.

A. It all depends. The system works along with your opening and closing hours. Hence, it will switch itself on and off, respectively.

Q. Do I need to manually interact with the screen?
Why Digital Advertising?

A. No. No one within the business needs to interact with the screen, as it operates remotely from our system.

A. Digital signage is the most up-to-date way of advertisement. Most business owners today will find that digital signage is convenient and easy to use. Digital advertising would also reduce cost, while the initial cost outlay for the sign may be a lot more but a lot of money will be saved in printing costs further down the line.

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