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What We Offer

Service-based industries can get pretty boisterous. As in hospitals and Service Ontarios, there’s always unpredictability in scheduling. This usually amounts to shifts in appointments and a longer waiting period. Are you tired of watching your customers/patients sit anxiously, bored with nothing of consequence to do? Getting your customers occupied is a nice and subtle way to kill time. With digital signage, Nexus Media Network Inc. takes every inconvenient situation and transforms it into an informative and entertaining experience. Against conventional print, here’s what we offer with digital signage:

• Current, state-of-the-art advertisement
• Use of the latest technology to captivate your customers
• Repeated local demographic exposure to your services
• Reduced advertisement costs against printing or SEO
• The ability to present your business events, campaigns and services in a fashionable way
• Free installation of one or more digital screens
• The ability to advertise your business in other locations across our network
• A way to promote your social media accounts, including call-to-actions, such as “Like our Facebook page,” “Follow us on Twitter,” or “Enter for a chance to win prizes”

With digital signage, we feature educational material, entertainment and news-related content. We even help to jumpstart your promotional campaigns to better reach your target audience. Nexus Media wants you to demonstrate interest in your customers; therefore, we provide all the right content, at the appropriate time, to keep your customers entertained while they wait.